Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy Time

Things are looking better. Ethan is sleeping better at night and even slept 6 straight hours the night before last! (thank you "Babywise") We are getting better sleep and a better day to day schedule. Though its not easy, we are becoming more sane. I also attribute my sanity to my husband letting me get out of the house for a bit to clear my mind and refresh. The other night I spent some time at our local Starbucks. I sat and read a fashion mag and some advice on getting back to normal again (even though I know that will take a while). Had some refreshment and as I was driving home I couldn't wait to get back to my babies. Its so wonderful to get to raise these little ones. Let's just say I am so glad to be a mom.

Sweet Clementine Izzy and some fine cheeses!

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