Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Nerd

I love books. Its a passion of mine. Not THE passion but a big one. I love anything from biographies, History, Classic Lit, Novels, etc. At TJC, I received an Associates of Art with a concentration in Literature. I ended up going to Dallas to do music after that so therefore never finished a Bachelors. I considered majoring in Literature, not to necessarily to teach it but just to immerse myself in all types of literature. My favorite spot in San Angelo is Hastings. I browse many books, then I get overwhelmed and end up picking up about 8 books to look at. Not focusing on just one. Home is where I actually focus. I think the first book that I remember reading for hours is The Secret Garden. I loved reading before that but never read for hours strait. I stayed outside in the cool fall air on our porch swing with a blanket reading and reading. Other all time favorites of mine are Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Diary of Anne Frank, Out of Africa, etc. These days I definitely don't have the time for that but would do it if it allowed.

Today I ran across a youtube video that showed a particular, inspiring bookstore I visited in 2004. It's called Shakespeare and Company located in Paris. It is a jewel. To me, it was a magical book land. The smell is wonderful. You know the smell of books, old and new. I love that smell. On my visit, I remember two students from Oxford University were working there at the time, studying in France. One of them showed my friend and I where to buy cheap baguettes.

Why am I telling you all of this? Mostly me just reminiscing. But if you are a book nerd like myself, tell of your favorite book experiences... What it was like to read a certain favorite of yours, why do you love reading so much? I would also like to start a blog book club. If you are interested let me know! Below is a link to the video about Shakespeare and Co. If it interests you, you should watch THIS.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Addie walking

My baby is taking several steps! We just got back from our retreat and when we got to my parents house last night she took 6 steps to Lennon! Does anyone know how i can flip this video, ughhh! Here's a video from today...

Leadership Retreat

We had a wonderful time with Chi Alpha leaders this past week! Got home to pick up our little girl, who is taking several steps! Lennon and I are so blessed to have such wonderful guys and girls who are sharing this passion of reaching college students. We know we can't do this without them. We stayed at HEB camp in Leakey, TX. It was gorgeous! The Frio River runs in the middle of it. We hiked a mountain twice, I jumped off a cliff into the Frio and had some precious times of worship and teaching. Lennon and I love these guys and gals so much!
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