Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ethan Scott

Ok here's my official blog announcement that is long overdue. Blame it on the late nights and messy house and now two kids. Ethan Scott Noland is now 3 weeks old (my how time flies!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE him so much! Its so cool how God fills your love tank for one child and then gives you a whole other love tank for another one. That's the best way I know to describe it. I'm realizing more about God's love and how He can love all of His children the same. Ethan is my little cuddle bug. He seems to always want to snuggle right against my neck laying on my chest. He looks like his daddy. Since we have been married I've told Lennon I want a son that looks like his daddy and that's what I got! If you have read Mamo's blog you have read her account of the worship music in the background playing "overshadow me". I remember hearing that song between pushes and feeling God's presence in the room. It's funny cause I made a whole ipod mix to play for his birth. I was very selective on what songs I wanted played during what time. But my mom brought in her cd player and had the cd from our women's retreat in it. We just listened to it during labor. During the final pushing stages the Doctor told me to stop for the next contraction and everyone in the room was calm and quiet. You could hear the words of that song playing and it brought my thoughts to Mary and Jesus and how the Holy Spirit overshadowed her and she was pregnant with the son of God. I felt like the Lord was saying "I am with you, this is my child" Not in the virgin birth immaculate conception way but that Ethan is His and I can trust that my son will be taken care of. I feel like our family is more complete now (not saying weather or not we are done but that we feel like a much fuller family). So welcome Ethan to the world! You are love beyond measure.

He was born at 1:36pm at Medical Center Arlington weighing 8lbs 7oz and 19 1/2 inches

Addie meeting her "little brudder" (this is how she says it)

Here we are about to leave the hospital. We were so ready to get him home with his big sister.

Going home.

A Proud Father: Lennon was surprised how much he loves having a son!

At home having fun and catching smiles.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Belly....

My Belly is HUGE, my belly is still growing (hence more stretch marks), my belly is full of life! This may be a silly way to start a post but its been my primary focus.

A couple of nights ago I was so sure I was going into labor, having contractions 10 to 15 minutes apart for about 2 hours but...they dissipated. So the next day I was moping around thinking my body is playing tricks on me, getting me all excited and then never mind! Labor is so much more than the portrayal of a pregnant woman in a movie. It's really a process. I know everyone has different experiences with labor. They do not all happen the same. Yet it's never easy and it takes patience, pain, and pressing on. It's how my whole life has been lately. But something wonderful will come out of all the soreness and indigestion. I think God teaches us through pregnancy how to trust Him and wait on Him and for us to be reminded that He is with us .

I don't know for sure what day he will come, middle of the day or in the middle of the night but I know that when its time, its time! Ethan Scott Noland, you are already loved and we are all waiting to hold your little hand and kiss your soft face :) As your sister Addie puts it "Baby brudder, I'm ready to see you soon!"