Wednesday, November 28, 2007


First of all, I appoligise for taking so long to post again. We have been out of town and I have been sick with a sinus infection and actually made it to work today. I just wanted to post some pictures of our Thanksgiving with my family in Canton. We had such a great time goofing around. I miss them but we were glad to be back in San Angelo as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Today was our second Dr.'s appointment for baby Noland. I was not as nervous this time going in (except for the blood work). It always seems like it takes forever to see the Dr. We were wondering what all would happen in this meeting.

As we waited I sat in on the patient table while Lennon sat next to me. We were so giddy and acting so silly that anyone who would have heard us would have thought we were loony people. The doctor came in and said "lets see if we can pick up a heartbeat. It may be a little early but we will try." He used his listening device, which also had a speaker on it, so we could here the noises as well. Then all of the sudden, a fast, strong heartbeat was heard. How exciting! I wanted to leap up with joy. As we were hearing our baby's heartbeat for the first time Lennon squeezed my hand a little tighter and I could feel the joy he had as well. Its amazing that our little one is only 1 1/2 in long and already has fingernails developing. This is a great journey to be on...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Christmas is Coming!

So am I wierd because I am already excited about Christmas?! I'm seriously about get me some Christmas music to listen to....

My Friend

Well I am excited because my best friend Lauren, from Arlington is coming to town! Lauren, her husband, their little boy and my little brother will be traveling here today. I haven't seen her in over 3 months. One of our plans include making this awesome Japanese dish called "Gyozas". Oh so you think you've had 'em before,huh? Not like ours, you haven't. All from scratch and they taste glorious. It will take us about 3 hours to make them. Apart from that we will be catching up on life, marriage, ect. Theres nothing like an old friend to sit and be yourself with.