Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy Time

Things are looking better. Ethan is sleeping better at night and even slept 6 straight hours the night before last! (thank you "Babywise") We are getting better sleep and a better day to day schedule. Though its not easy, we are becoming more sane. I also attribute my sanity to my husband letting me get out of the house for a bit to clear my mind and refresh. The other night I spent some time at our local Starbucks. I sat and read a fashion mag and some advice on getting back to normal again (even though I know that will take a while). Had some refreshment and as I was driving home I couldn't wait to get back to my babies. Its so wonderful to get to raise these little ones. Let's just say I am so glad to be a mom.

Sweet Clementine Izzy and some fine cheeses!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Hiding

Please read this blog from InCourage (a favorite of mine)
The Finding from InCourage Media
I am learning how to be more vunerable. With all the changes going on in our lives I've had to learn to reach out even more and allow others in. I'm not a shut off kinda person but I know I need to let others in even more and reach out as well. I have a great life. I really can't complain. But like everyone I have my hard times and weak times. I doubt myself and wonder if I can handle things. Like raising two kids now and moving to a new place with no family and hardly knowing anyone. The adventure part of me is looking forward to a new place and a God-given dream. But with new adventures come new fears. This is where I am realying on God. One thing I am realizing is that I was made me to be a mom, wife and lover of Jesus and I'm not alone. I think just knowing that makes all the difference. So be encouraged knowing that you are not alone and that we all need each other.

Friday, September 10, 2010

4 weeks today...

Ethan is 4 weeks old today and I wanted to celebrate that milestone by posting one of the videos we took right after he was born. This one is of Addie holding him for the first time. She's such a natural. At one point you can hear her shushing and patting him. She was so sweet holding him. My favorite part is when she starts giggling with excitement. I think she was realizing that this baby really did come out like mommy and daddy have been telling her. Hopefully they will have more of these sweet moments in life rather than fighting. Here's hoping...