Friday, October 8, 2010

4 Years and Counting

Tuesday marked 4 years of marriage bliss for my husband and I. 4 years later we have moved to a new town, had 2 incredible adorable kids, lost freedom of getting to be alone whenever we want, yet treasure our alone moments more, grown with God together, and have taken greater risks together. I never would have thought we would have met the way we did or that I would have moved to west Texas but God had it all in His plan. I've never been more fulfilled in my life than being married to this wonderful man, ministering with him and supporting his vision and raising our children. God knew the desires of my heart and truly blessed me. I know that we will be ok no matter what we go through as long as we do it together. So here's to 4 years and many more to come! I love you Lennon! (you've grown in sexiness too!)

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been four years!