Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok so I noticed the last time i blogged was january and I knew it had been a while but MY GOODNESS! Im a blog looser. Anyways now that I have internet at the house, I should be more frequent. I titled this blog "spring" because of the new things happening in our lives lately. We went for a walk around the neighborhood with A in her stroller to the SA lilly ponds. How gorgeous it was. Everything was in bloom and much greener than a couple of weeks ago. It was peaceful to enjoy each other and our home. After being on a long trip we are always so ready to be home.

We were very glad to be back at XA last night. The service was amazing. L did such a great job. He talked about his trip to Jordan and Syria and how he met a couple there that are from the states and are the missions directors in north Africa. This couple truly live for the people around them. Their 3 children all have middle eastern names. When the father was talking to L about reaching the muslim people there and what they want to see God do he would tear up, overwhelmed with love for the people. When was the last time we felt that way about the people we minister to? Then he met a man that was a former muslim that had been saved by seeing 5 different visions of Jesus. WOW!!! His testimony is incredible. An american christian girl had been teaching him English and one day in their lessons asked the question "do any of you believe in dreams and visions? Not the normal sleep kind of dreams but real visions from God?" Well this got his attention and he was interested in hearing more. He started talking to the girl more about Jesus and he was telling her he didn't accept him as God's son. she told him (which had to be from God) that Jesus is going to give him a vision! And over the course of a few weeks he had 5! L said that when he would talk about Jesus every time he would have to leave the room because he was overcome with emotion and men of that culture are not supposed to let others see them cry. He is now saved but not accepted by his family or by the Christians there because they believe he could be a spy and get them all in trouble. You see over there if you leave islam your family has the right to kill you. So he is alone somewhat in his faith but he is so bold L said and he is so full of joy!

God is doing some new things in our lives. I feel He is pulling us closer and showing us what it really means to live passionately for Him. Going deeper is not mystical or weird. It is searching for God ,for our Lord and knowing more about him. This is my hearts cry more now than ever before! I want to really live like a Christ follower.