Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our New Life

Its been just a little over two weeks ago that we were introduced to our new baby girl. Life has not been the same since. Her beauty struck me when I first saw her. Such big brown eyes and dark skin. So different than my other babies yet so lovely. She has a raspy voice and long feet. Elizabeth Hope, we like to call her Lizzy or Lizzybell. There have been new challenges we have faced that we have not before. Bonding came natural before and now it takes work. She sleeps and eats well and coos and smiles at us all the time. We were told that she doesn't sleep at night and has colic before we got her. But since she's been here she sleeps great at night in her crib and is happy during the day. No colic. I would like to say we are just experienced parents or something like that, but I KNOW its the presence of our God. Our hope and prayer is that we bond more and more with Lizzy and that we continue to have the energy we need with two babies and a 3 year old on the house. We have been making great efforts spending quality time with all three. My love language is quality time and my biggest fear has been that the kids would feel unloved somehow if we don't spend enough time with them. We are now fully funded and we will be starting ministry on campus in August! So much is happening. My greatest sadness in all this is not being able to visit friends and family to meet our new girl. Hopefully it won't be too long.

Addie and Ethan are amazed by her. Ethan just stares and laughs at her and tries to wrestle. Addie keeps telling me she's so glad she has a sister now so they can play Barbies one day.

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  1. OH-MY-GOODNESS!!!! I cannot even begin to put fingers to keys to begin to type a word that would describe how amazing this is!! My husband and I have always said we want to adopt when we decide to have children. So this especially hits home. I am so very happy for you. And I just want to let you know I will be praying for the best bond and blessings for you and yours! Congratulations!
    All my Love,