Saturday, May 21, 2011


Monday! This is the interview we've been waiting for for several weeks now. Once it happens it could only be a matter of a couple of weeks when they fly her here to her new home! I'm having to tell myself that it is all in Gods hands and He is the one that can make it all happen. It's crazy thinking I have a child that I haven't met yet but who is filling my heart and consuming my mind with longing. I wonder what she looks like and if her hair will be dark. What color are her eyes and will she feel how much she is loved when she is first held by us. I can't wait to call her by her name. She is 7 weeks old now. Too long to not be with us. I have collected a few things in a basket for her and washed all of Addie's baby clothes ready for her to wear.
Pray that all will go smoothly on Monday and that she will be with us soon.

The Nolands

Basket of goodies for Elizabeth

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  1. Good luck! Hope all goes well! I will definitely be keeping you guys in my prayers, love you!