Wednesday, April 20, 2011


If you've never heard of you need to check it out. You can create wish lists and registry lists all in one place! We've created a Baby Registry for Elizabeth since we need things for her in a short time. Since we will have 2 babies in diapers at the same time (oh my!) we are going to cloth diapering. There are so many choices now made to work with a busy mom. They have cute patterns for their buns, its green, and most of all for us, saves a butt-load of money. Literally. So check it out.


  1. Hi Christal!

    My husband and I used to attend XA at NC State and Meredith (and were also on staff for a year). Brian contacted us and told us about you guys. We've been cloth diapering our one year old since birth. If you're looking for any info, we're full of it, so feel free to hit us up.


  2. We've been prepping to buy cloth diaper- on you can buy 5 BumGenius 4.0's, get one free until May 31st. (and its free shipping, I think) Also, at you can buy Kawaii diapers for as little as $6.99 and they should be restocking at the end of April. I hope that little bit of info helps, I know saving a few bucks per diaper here or there goes a long way! Love you guys!